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What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Bright Buttons Pre-School for your Child?

  • On-site educational psychologist
  • Small classes with 10-12 children in each class , with a max of 14 children in higher classes.
  • Each class has a teacher and an assistant
  • A high teacher:child ratio of 1:5 or 1:6
  • Loving passionate qualified teachers
  • Educated teacher assistants who love children
  • Innovative and inspiring learning programme
  • Teaching children beyond the expected norm
hillcrest preschools

Our Aims & Goals

  • To teach children about God and show them His love
  • To love and care for each child as an individual
  • To stimulate each child beyond the expected norm
  • To develop the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically
  • To have exceptional standards with regards to staff, programme and facilities.

Our Values

Bright Buttons is one of the top Hillcrest preschools. We foster the development of the Christian values and principles in a loving and supportive environment. Contact us today to setup an appointment to tour the school.

hillcrest preschools
hillcrest preschools

We Value:

  • The way in which children are unique, and our curriculum supports this
  • Tolerance, respect, kindness, responsibility, accountability, perseverance and hard work
  • A working partnership with parents and families to support each other for the well-being of child
  • Our environment, and aim through our curriculum to teach respect for our world and how we should care for it
  • Those less fortunate than us, and aim to help them in any way we can

Bright Buttons aims:

  • To love each child unconditionally and develop excellence (child)
  • To encourage teacher unity and professionalism (teacher)
  • To encourage parental involvement (parent)
  • To maintain school improvement of a high standard (school)
  • To reach out and serve the community (community)
  • To remain one of the top Hillcrest preschools
hillcrest preschools

Visit Us

We would be delighted to take you on a tour of Bright Buttons. You may set up an appointment to come see the school/tour by phoning 031 765 2532 or emailing info@brightbuttons.co.za. Sheryl will assist you with setting up a tour of the school. Alternatively, you can do an online application so that you get into the system as the waiting list is based on a first come, first served basis. We will then contact you by phone or email to arrange a visit.

What Our Families are Saying

Bright Buttons was a gift for our girls

"We sent both our girls to Bright Buttons because we knew they would receive something that went far beyond teaching and playing. Under the guidance of Ingrid Green, the developer of Bright Buttons, our girls were inspired to learn more about themselves, and the world around them. They embraced a love for learning in an environment designed to foster their emotional, social, physical and cognitive development. Simply put….Bright Buttons was a gift for our girls."
(Angelica 2013 and Cassidy 2017)

A school with a passion

A school with a passion for teaching young minds in a nurturing and safe environment. I love the vast supply of educational toys, books and puzzles at the children’s fingertips.
(Lily 2018)

It has been an amazing chapter in our lives

Izzy has grown from strength to strength at Bright Buttons. She has loved her time in Green Group. Thank you for all your love, care and most of all your passion. It has been an amazing chapter in our lives being at Bright Buttons. We will cherish our memories.
(Zach 2017 and Izzy 2019)

We can’t commend highly enough

When my husband and I were looking for a preschool, we wanted our children's first experience to be in a loving, caring and homely environment, where they receive professional care and feel safe. We found all these qualities at Bright Buttons. We can’t commend highly enough the team of teachers and assistants. They treat the children as if they were their own. There is so much thought that goes into the daily activities and both our children have blossomed in their time at Bright Buttons. I have been so impressed with what they have learnt and what they are capable of at such a young age. Thank you Bright Buttons team!
Hayley and Damon
(Joshua 2017 and Juliette 2020)

Bright Buttons helped my anxious little girl blossom

Bright Buttons helped my anxious little girl blossom, launched her into the very exciting and fun world of learning through play, and ensured she always felt happy, loved and looked after! We loved being part of the Bright Buttons family and will always feel so grateful for the exceptional care and attention which was put into every single day. Our little girl took on Gr R with confidence and that little extra Bright Buttons polish!
(Katie 2018)

I could leave my son everyday with peace of mind

Our son spent three wonderful years at Bright Buttons. Ingrid, a psychologist, principal and teacher, along with her love for children, her passion for education and her team of teachers and assistants, makes Bright Buttons the special and unique place that it is. The children always come first and their psychological and physical welfare is always paramount. I could leave my son every day with peace of mind, knowing that he was utterly safe and loved. My son absolutely loved learning through play. Every theme is carefully planned and so much effort is put into creating wonderful learning moments. My son learned more about the world around him in one year at Bright Buttons than what he learned in three years at primary school. He developed an appreciation for music, poetry and languages and retains a love of books and reading from his rich and nurturing start to school life.
(Kai 2014)

Our children developed a love for learning

We spent a very happy 5 years at this lovely, nurturing little school. Our children were so well cared for and loved by Ingrid and her wonderful teachers, and really enjoyed their days at Bright Buttons. They developed a love for learning and we were always amazed at what they had learnt. When they started in Gr R, we felt that they were so well prepared. We miss not being at Bright Buttons these days, but have lots of special memories of our time there.
Hayley and Dave
(Oliver 2017 and Mia 2018)


Every child is seen as unique

The dedicated staff provide the highest level of opportunities through their creative and interactive lessons as well as the extensive resources that are available. Every child is seen as unique and the children are genuinely loved. My little boy loves his days at Bright Buttons and I am most grateful to be a part of this family.
(Blake 2020)


The school readiness is unrivalled

When we were looking for schools for our son in 2013, we visited 9 different ones.
Bright Buttons stood out for us, not because of the 4 year olds happily doing 100 piece puzzles or the Grade RR’s being able to read, but because whilst we were being shown around Ingrid had one child on her hip and another holding her hand tagging along. There was such genuine love and affection which was the most important thing for us as parents of a toddler.
The school readiness is unrivaled in our opinion and we see the benefits of it with our children currently in Junior Primary.
We spent 6 happy years at Bright Buttons and can’t sing this school's praises enough.
Alex and Cyndy Gordon
(Oli 2017 and Sarah 2019)


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Hillcrest Preschools

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